We do not sell VL3 Aircraft any more

Visit the official JMB Aircraft website or choose one of the aircraft below.

Cruise 205 ktas, Stall 38 kts, Base price $165,000

Cruise 120 ktas, Stall 35 kts, Base price $135,000

L600 Aircraft by Aeropilot

It's like the smaller version of the Cessna 172, the first aircraft I've flown, so flying the L600 bring back lots of good memories...
It's really well made and well thought aircraft and for a pretty good price.

FX1 Aircraft by Innovaviation

We call this aircraft an Italian miracle. They figured out how to solve one of the most annoying things pilots deal with: The cockpit noise! It maybe not seem like a big deal to you right now, but once you try flying the FX1, you don’t want to go back.