We do not sell VL3 Aircraft any more

Visit the official VL3 Aircraft website or choose one of the aircraft below.

Cruise 130 ktas, Stall 36 kts, Base price $129,900

Cruise 195 ktas, Stall 33 kts, Base price $135,000

Cruise 120 ktas, Stall 35 kts, Base price $135,000

Harmony LSA by Evektor

Outstanding flight characteristics, low operating costs, a resistant metal airframe and excellent reliability proven in leading flight schools in both the USA and Australia with worldwide product support make the Evector Harmony LSA the number one choice for pilot training.

Ellipse Spirit by Ellipse Aero

Inspired by the legendary Spitfire, this aircraft uses an elliptical wing design. The result is an extremely fun and easy-to-manoeuvre aircraft that is still very safe to operate. The best of both worlds. Once you try it, you instantly fall in love with this one.

FX1 Aircraft by Innovaviation

We call this aircraft an Italian miracle. They figured out how to solve one of the most annoying things pilots deal with: The cockpit noise! It maybe not seem like a big deal to you right now, but once you try flying the FX1, you don’t want to go back.