VL3 Aircraft

It Looks Great, And Flies Even Better!

Match your airplane with your car

Colors and designs can be fully customized to your taste. Go timeless and classic or extravagant and crazy.
You can even match the color with your car…

Enjoy cutting edge technology


The cabin area features clean lines and a minimalist, contemporary design. The combination of carbon and kevlar fibers, which are extremely tough, provide safety to the crew in case of an emergency landing.

Instrument Panel

Each instrument panel is custom made and laser cut for your choice of instruments. The instrument panel is also available with gloss or matte carbon fiber finish.


The acrylic glass canopy allows for spectacular views from the aircraft throughout your journey. Order it in your choice of clear/blue/green or brown.

Ventilation and Heating

The aircraft is equipped with a heating and ventilation system. Warm air is distributed to the leg areas, while cold air is delivered through vents on the dashboard. 


Comfortable and modern – select your choice of textile or leather designs, including choice of color. The seats are equipped with four-point safety belts. You can also choose color of stitches, safety belts, perforated leather or not, color of embroidery.

Baggage Compartment

The baggage compartment is equipped with headphones holders. You can also add the optional cargo door for easy access and storage of baggage. The baggage compartment has a maximum capacity of 55 pounds.

Feel Like You're in a Luxury Sports Car

Choose the interior that suits your style.
Leather seats and carbon dashboard panel makes you feel like you're in a luxury sports car.

State of the Art Construction Design

  • Airframe
  • Wing
  • Tail Surfaces

The airframe is made of composite material, which excels in its specific strength and excellent fatigue properties. The entire aircraft can be disassembled into individual units. (Both halves of the wing and tail surfaces, including stabilizers, can be separated from the fuselage to ease aircraft transport)