Dealership Company: Alion Aviation

The US dealership was founded by Adam Coubal, long term aviation enthusiast. Read his story here:

Hi, my name is Adam Coubal.

Today I want to tell you about how I found the ultimate small airplane that is no match to anything on the US market.

I've been flying airplanes my whole life. When I finally decided to buy my own, I wasn't willing to make compromises.

I've spent almost a year researching and demo testing everything the US and European markets had to offer...

Some airplanes were better, some worse, but one European aircraft exceeded them in every critical aspect. It was love on the first flight.

The only problem was, I had to figure out how to register this airplane in the US.

After many meetings, I found a guy who helped me to get my dream airplane to the US.

Once everything was ready, I took a day off. I sat in my airplane and headed to the Hollywood hills. And I tell you this, those who say money can not buy happiness, have not flown this aircraft yet.

Then something unexpected happened. Some of my pilot friends whom I let fly the aircraft wanted to buy their own… After just half an hour of flight, they begged me to help them import the VL3 from Europe.

That made me think… If I'm so happy with the airplane, my friends love it, and there is no distributor in the US market, it's my moral duty (and a great business opportunity) to let more people feel the joy of flying this incredible aircraft.

As we already became friends, I convinced JMB Aircraft to make Alion Aviation Corp. the exclusive distributor of the VL3 aircraft.

Team America

The exclusive US dealership of  VL3 Airplane is operated by Alion Aviation
 Depending on your location, you'll get in touch with one of us.

Jean M. & Adam C.

Jean Marie CEO of JMB Aircraft and
Adam C. president of Alion Aviation

Responsible for Westcoast USA

1455 4th St
Santa Monica, CA
90401 USA

Aaron & David

Team responsible for Midwest USA

Dirk & Kyle

Team responsible for East Coast USA

1493 Park Ave W
Mansfield, OH
44906 USA

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Production Company JMB Aircraft

VL3 Aircraft is produced in the Czech Republic by JMB Aircraft.

It is run by two Belgium brothers who started to fly when they were only fourteen years old. It’s safe to say that flying runs through their blood. 

The JMB Aircraft company has eighty highly qualified staff.

Starting with the technicians and ending with the CEO, everybody is dedicated to producing a one-of-a-kind aircraft.

13+ Year Airplane History


The JMB Aviation company is the exclusive reseller of Aveko in France and Belgium.

JMB Aviation sold more than 85% of the aircraft produced by Aveko. The Aveko aircraft became a hit between aviation enthusiasts and flight schools.


JMB Aviation acquiring the Aveko.

After the acquisition, JMB started upgrading the aircraft. The most significant changes were increased top speed and refreshed interior design.

The plane has become a great success in the European market.


JMB Aviation started producing a fuselage and wings in-house. Since then, the plane is fully produced by JMB.

During 2016, JMB produced five aircraft per month while maintaining its dedication to top-notch quality and safety.


Alion Aviation became the exclusive distributor for the US market.  

JMB was expanding the production, employing more than 80 full-time staff.

At the end of 2019, there were more than 340 VL3's flying.