L600 Aircraft

*Known also as Aeropilot Legend, L600 LSA, Legend L600 or Aeropilot L600 

"This Aircraft brings back your memories"

Dealership Company: 
Alion Aviation Corp.

Hi, my name is Adam Coubal.

After the success of bringing VL3 aircraft to the US market, I've realized there are more awesome airplanes flying in Europe but missing on the US market. L600 Aircraft is one of them. 

It's like the smaller version of  the Cessna 172, the first aircraft I've flown, so flying the L600 bring back lots of good memories...

It's really well made and well thought aircraft and for a pretty good price.

Production Company Aeropilot

The company AEROPILOT Ltd. began to work on the production of the lightweight Carbon Fibre LEGEND aircraft range in 2010, starting with the Ultralight version for the European markets and a plan to move into export markets with a LSA aircraft. The prototype LEGEND 540 aircraft was completed successfully in March 2011 by AEROPILOT. They presented this LEGEND airplane after further tests and refinement, as a production aircraft example at the AERO exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany in April 2011. The LEGEND was designed as an 80% scale version of the very successful Cessna 182, with 2 passenger seating for UL and LSA, but actually has more passenger room than the Cessna and is safe from corrosion.

Having received the government authorization for serial production of the ultralight LEGEND 540 aircraft from the Czech LAA on 18th December 2012, following LAA tests the Czech Type Certificate for the LEGEND aircraft was awarded in December 2012. Serial production continued from this time, with deliveries against the LAA Type certificate and shortly after, with sales in Germany against the more stringent German DAeC specifications and testing.

Based on the export demand for an advanced light sport aircrafts built to the American ASTM specifications with a MTOW of 600kg, AEROPILOT Ltd. began to plan production of the 600 Kg version on the Legend in late 2014. This resulted in the manufacture of the first special light sport - LEGEND 600 aircraft (LSA) in 2015, to an order placed for an Australian customer.

The Australian dealers Mr. Greg Doyle and Mr. Ed Smith of Silent Wings Aviation Pty. Ltd. carried out all preparation and testing for the world’s first LSA version of the Legend, as required by the Australian and NZ regulations. Silent Wings received the First of Type Certificate and the Certificate of Airworthiness with its approval to operate the Legend as a special LSA and consequently as an S-LSA in USA, from the Australian Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) on 11 th September 2015.

Meanwhile in Europe the first of the long distance flights were made in the LEGEND 600 airplane, with the owner flying a new aircraft from Czech Republic through Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Egypt to Saudi Arabia in April 2014. While in Australia with it’s more rugged conditions, the first LEGEND made flights across Australia over Ayers rock in Central Australia in May 2016 and completed a 2,800nm round trip of southern Australia. Confirming that durability, the second Australian Legend 600 made its maiden cross-country flight in July 2016 from Cessnock in NSW to Geralton (some 2,200nm) under very severe weather conditions. Flooding and very high winds were experienced across the treeless Nullabor Plains, a vast scrub desert, over 5 days of flying.

As well as the standard tri-gear LEGEND 540 and Legend LSA 600 aircraft, AEROPILOT Ltd. also manufactures the floatplane versions of these aircraft in lightweight standard floats and amphibious float versions.