FX1 Aircraft

Known also as FX1 LSA, FX1 Innovaviation or JetFox FX1

Born from 30 years of experience

Dealership Company: 
Alion Aviation

Hi, my name is Adam Coubal.

After the success of bringing VL3 aircraft to the US market, I've realized there are more awesome airplanes flying in Europe but missing on the US market. Italy made FX1 Aircraft is one of them. 

To be sincere, it was not love at first sight. When I first saw it in the picture, this aircraft seemed a bit too unconventional to me. I've found this aircraft exists but was not attracted to it at all.

But then one day I got a chance to see it in person and actually fly the airplane. After that experience, something changed.

Yah, I still probably wouldn't change it for my personal VL3 crush... 

But I have to say that the almost 300° panoramic view absolutely blown my mind. It was like being in a helicopter, but without all the noise in the cockpit.

Speaking about the noise and vibrations, they are almost nonexistent. Don't know what magic trick these Italians pulled off, but it worked. 

So I was just cruising around and enjoyed the beautiful scenery below me. I hoped this flight never ends...

And that's how the FX1 found a way to my heart.

Production Company InnovAviation

InnovAviation was founded in 2001 by Alfredo Di Cesare, a noted aircraft designer with over 35 years of experience in the sport-plane industry.

Di Cesare‘s innovative designs have sold worldwide, gaining a reputation for reliability, performance and superior flight qualities. At Innovaviation Di Cesare has assembled a team of experts in the fields of aeronautical engineering, production and marketing, with the capability to design, produce and deliver technologically advanced sport-planes, exemplified by the innovative new “FX1” sport-plane.

Di Cesare began his aviation career in the early eighties as an importer and kit builder of “Striplin-Aircaft” from the US. In 1988 he became the importer for the “Ikarus C22”, a light sport plane from Germany.

Airplane History


In 1991 Di Cesare designed, built and certified the “JetFox 91”, a successful model certified in Italy, Germany and France. Close to 160 units were sold, with most still flying to date, giving testament to the durability and quality of the design.


In 1997, Di Cesare introduced a redesigned version of the aircraft, the “JetFox 97, which was certified in Italy, Germany, France and Israel. Close to 180 units were produced by Di Cesare’s company (“Euroala”), now flying in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.


In 2005, an upgraded version the “JetFox GT” was introduced, and in 2006 an amphibian prototype was exhibited in Europe, the United States and Asia.


The FX1 is Alfredo Di Cesare’s latest and best design, with a totally new airframe that incorporates countless improvements and refinements. He has produced a high-performance sport plane that reflects his great sense of style, his attention to detail, and his high standards for airworthiness and safety.