Dealership Company: Alion Aviation

The US dealership was founded by Adam Coubal, long term aviation enthusiast.

Hi, my name is Adam Coubal.
We started out as a small and humble company, but now we have grown to several locations in the US and supply four different European aircraft to the US market. The Ellipse Spirit is one of them.

The Ellipse Spirit is very special. It uses the elliptical wing design, which has many advantages. It also has some disadvantages, but the brilliant minds at Ellipse Aero have figured out how to eliminate them. The result is an extremely fun and easy to manoeuvre aircraft that is still very safe to operate. The best of both worlds.

It's built from the best materials and the cockpit feels like you are sitting in a sports car. If you are looking for the best LSA money can buy, you should definitely check this aircraft out.

Production Company Ellipse Aero

No fear of the impossible

Ellipse Aero is an innovative company from the Czech Republic that is pushing the boundaries of aviation. Thanks to the Czech aviation heritage and expertise, they managed to create a spectacular aircraft. The Ellipse Spirit. They are all pilots and love to fly, but more importantly, they love new technology and innovation.

Their mantra is aerodynamics and elliptical wings. They are not afraid to use the materials like kevlar or aramid fibers to make the aircraft just a bit better. The only more important value than performance is safety. They love the experiences, but certainly not at the price of risk.  As far as we know, they are giving this aircraft all their energy and passion.