We Are Bringing the Finest European Aircraft to the US Market 

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Cruise 205 ktas, Stall 38 kts, Base price $165,000

Cruise 120 ktas, Stall 35 kts, Base price $135,000

Vl3 Aircraft by JMB Aircraft

VL3 was the first aircraft we brought to the USA. It's the fastest and, in our opinion, the nicest one. It has crazy performance numbers like cruise speed 205 ktas, stall speed 38 kts. But the best thing about VL3 is not the numbers. It's so much fun to fly this aircraft; you wouldn't want to fly anything else after you try.

FX1 Aircraft by Innovaviation

We call this aircraft an Italian miracle. They figured out how to solve one of the most annoying things pilots deal with: The cockpit noise! It maybe not seem like a big deal to you right now, but once you try flying the FX1, you don’t want to go back.

L600 Aircraft by Aeropilot

The L600 is the best value deal we have found. As you can see, it is heavily inspired by Cessna 182. It took the best parts of it, like good flying characteristics, and packaged it into a smaller and modern package. The result is an affordable, reliable, and easy to fly LSA.

Our Story

Adam Coubal

Hi, my name is Adam Coubal. The founder of Alion Aviation.
Here is the story of our company, in case you like to know more about us.

I've been flying airplanes my whole life. When I finally decided to buy my own, I wasn't willing to make compromises.

I've spent more than 2 years researching and demo testing everything the US and European markets had to offer...

Some airplanes were better, some worse, but the VL3 exceeded all the competition in every critical aspect. It was love at first flight.

The only problem was, I had to figure out how to register this airplane in the US.

After many meetings, I found a guy who helped me to get my dream airplane to the US.

Once the aircraft was here, I took a day off. I took off in my plane and headed to the Hollywood hills. And I tell you this, those who say money can not buy happiness have not flown this aircraft yet.

Then something unexpected happened. Some of my pilot friends whom I let fly the aircraft wanted to buy their own. After just half an hour of flight, they begged me to help them import the VL3 from Europe.

That made me think. If I'm so happy with the airplane, my friends love it, and there is no distributor in the US market, it's my moral duty (and a great business opportunity) to let more people feel the joy of flying this incredible aircraft.

As we already became friends, I convinced JMB Aircraft to make Alion Aviation Corp. the exclusive distributor of the VL3 aircraft for the US market.

And that's how it all started…

Since then, we have added the Italian FX1 Aircraft from Innovaviation. This aircraft has a unique design, exceptional view from the cockpit (almost 360 degrees), and the quietest cockpit I've ever flown in an LSA-sized airplane.

I've managed to get on board some very talented people I'm proud to work with. Our Alion Aviation team is constantly growing, and so do our fleet and family of happy clients. Our mission is to bring the best European ultralight aircraft to the US, so everyone can enjoy the thrill of flying them.

Have a clear sky!
Adam Coubal

What we can do for you?

#1 Aircraft

We are exclusive partners of the aircraft manufacturers in the USA. Not only we help you to configure the aircraft. We also overlook the manufacturing process and make sure the aircraft arrive in states safe and sound.

We help you assemble the aircraft, and as we closely cooperate with the FAA, we will guide you and assist you with your new airplane registration. We are also in contact with DAR to help you to obtain the airworthiness certificate.

#2 Transition training 

Flying the first time in the new aircraft can be a bit sketchy. But don't worry. We fly with you the first time. 

After that, we provide you with certified transition training.

#3 Service & Parts

We take care of the maintenance and annual inspections. There are a couple of available options:

  • You leave your aircraft in one of our service centers. (Los Angeles, Chicago, Wichita KS, Mansfield OH, Chicago, Tucson AZ, Miami). 
  • Ferry pilot. You let us pick up your aircraft in your location. 
  • Flying service. We send a mechanic into your hangar.
  • You have your own mechanic, and we will send the parts needed in 3-7 days.

#4 Social events

We are taking good care of our customers.

We are organizing cross country flying trips. The main focus is on having a great time learning new things, flying over mountains, landing on small runways, flying over the water between the islands, and things like that

They receive free tickets to all the major airshows as well as an invitation to annual meetups.

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